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TD Ameritrade
Where Smart Investors Get Smarter

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade’s new brand positioning, Where Smart Investors Get Smarter, needed a debut that was as clever as it was culturally relevant. Our solution: to recreate the opening credits of the 1960’s series Get Smart. Knowing our audience appreciates the details, we made sure to pay attention to every last one. We went to the location of the original title sequence. We got the car driven by Maxwell Smart. Then, we imitated Agent 86 down to the number of footsteps taken, and on set, props, doors, and lighting were replicated to a near-indistinguishable degree. We even assembled a replica of the show’s full orchestra to recreate and rerecord the original theme music, capturing the final score on the same type of analogue tape used in creating the original in 1965. And in the end, we created an iconic piece of film guaranteed to delight.


Breaking Barriers

ADP partnered with Wired magazine to give attendees at the SXSW conference in Austin, TX, the opportunity to bash workplace barriers through the Breaking Barriers exhibit, aseries of "break rooms" based on common work challenges. Visitors could quite literally break the glass ceiling. The activation gained over 200 million PR impressions, was called the “dark horse of SXSW” by Adweek, and named one of the 5 best activations by Entrepreneur.

TD Ameritrade

The First Ad in the Blockchain

TD Ameritrade has a long history of innovation. So when it came to the blockchain, we wanted to make a forward-thinking statement and create a new way to use this emerging technology. Through a series of sixty-eight transactions, we helped TD Ameritrade plant their flag in the digital ledger. Forever.


What Are You #WorkingFor

We took ADP from the name on your paycheck to a modern technology company. With a new platform, Always Designing For People, and a fresh, AI-powered design system, we launched ADP's first campaign in iconic locations like NYC’s Oculus. Partnering with Wired, we created a groundbreaking experience at SXSW that allowed people to literally break the glass ceiling.


Brew the Love

Over the last 3 years, Havas has helped turn Keurig into a household name. With the help of James Corden, we proved to real latte and cappuccino lovers that the Keurig K-Café Brewer is so simple, it can turn any house into a coffeehouse.


The Pleasure Is All Mine

Better sex for women means better sex for everyone. That’s why we believe women should have an equal voice in the bedroom to get what they want. The first step? Talking about it. Our docuseries, “The Pleasure is Mine,” starts the conversation with real women talking candidly about their complex relationships with sex and pleasure.

Barnes & Noble


In a holiday retail environment increasingly defined by clicks, we set out to show that there’s simply no substitute for the curation, expertise, and good ol’ fashioned wonder you’ll find wandering the aisles at Barnes & Noble. From Harry Potter fans, to foodies, to thrill seekers, to board gamers—nobody knows people’s passions like Barnes & Noble booksellers. And unlike a faceless algorithm, they’re uniquely qualified to help you find the perfect gift for whoever you’re shopping for.

Rite Aid

Perfect Fusion

Working in collaboration with Rite Aid, we’re transforming a 60-year-old drugstore chain into a modern destination that combines traditional and alternative medicines to help people thrive.

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