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Havas New York is a proud Certified B Corp
Havas NY

Havas New York is a proud Certified B Corp

We are putting people, planet, and profit in equal balance. But we shouldn’t be the only network agency with this distinction, so we’re challenging you to copy us. Steal our idea. Steal our methodology. Email us at [email protected] to get in touch.


More Than Just A Cup

Keurig Dr Pepper is celebrating McCafé At Home's second year of partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities to support families with children who are sick. The More Than Just A Cup” campaign features slackliner and World Record Holder, Alexander Schultz, as he enjoys the world’s most extraordinary cup of coffee at record-breaking altitude.


Welcome to WINever

Lotto.com tasked Havas with development of a fully integrated (TV, social , digital, OOH) campaign to help launch their brand within the US and fully dominate the online lottery space. The team combined the strategic nature of playing anytime, anywhere, with the exuberant feeling of winning, to create an extremely engaging, slightly absurd, yet completely relatable experience in the form of "Welcome to WINever." Inspiring people not to just to play anytime anywhere, but to believe they can win anytime, anywhere as well.

Combatting Homelessness Among LGBTQ+ Youth
Ali Forney Center

Combatting Homelessness Among LGBTQ+ Youth

In New York City, 40% of the youth homeless population identifies as LGTBQ+. The Ali Forney Center goes far beyond the typical homeless shelter and seeks to set kids up for future success. We partnered with New York Magazine to create The Issue Within the Issue—a special advertising project using 40% of all available ad space to highlight all that the center does, as well as the realities of life on the streets. Through the 28 pages at our disposal, we were able to cover all bases from why the center exists, to success stories shared from center alumni.

BNY Mellon


25% of podcast listeners these days are “Podfasting” – or increasing playback speed in order to consume more information. This presented a unique opportunity for BNY Mellon to speak directly to knowledge-hungry super listeners. But how could we get them to pay attention when they breeze through ads at 2x speed? Simple: we slowed things down. When played at double speed, our ad stood out to “podfasters” by sounding perfectly normal.

Brooklyn Film Festival

If Last Year Was a Film

In 2021, Havas NY partnered with The Brooklyn Film Festival and reflected on a year that’s been stranger than fiction with the most unimaginable script. We invited this year’s audience to the festival by letting them know that If Last Year Was a Film, It Would Be Playing at the Brooklyn Film Festival.

Deutsche Parkinson Vereinigung

Staybl App

Havas New York, a certified B Corp, and Havas Germany worked together to develop the Staybl App (free to download), with the goal of bringing attention to the fact that accessibility options in smart devices still leave the needs of many populations unmet. Parkinson’s Disease alone impacts 10 million adults globally, with a staggering 70 percent of those diagnosed experiencing tremors. In addition, there are millions of other people around the world who experience essential tremors – ranging from children to ex-professional athletes – who will benefit from this innovation.

CrossBorder Solutions

Genius Beats Fear

The world is buzzing with tech disruption. And that includes the tax industry. So when CrossBorder Solutions, the global leader in AI powered tax solutions, came to us for their rebrand, we focused on the key element that sets them apart: their genius.


Stay Amazing

Most hospital advertising dramatizes a patient’s suffering as a means of grabbing attention. Since NewYork-Presbyterian has been voted best hospital in New York for 21 years in a row, we built off this winning essence and leaned into celebrating patients thriving. Basically, positioning NewYork-Presbyterian as a performance brand. So, we moved their long running campaign emphasizing the hospital to simply “Stay Amazing," a rallying cry that speaks directly to all New Yorkers to manage all aspects of their health journey with a partner for life.

TD Ameritrade

The First Ad in the Blockchain

TD Ameritrade has a long history of innovation. So when it came to the blockchain, we wanted to make a forward-thinking statement and create a new way to use this emerging technology. Through a series of sixty-eight transactions, we helped TD Ameritrade plant their flag in the digital ledger. Forever.


Breaking Barriers

ADP partnered with Wired magazine to give attendees at the SXSW conference in Austin, TX, the opportunity to bash workplace barriers through the Breaking Barriers exhibit, aseries of "break rooms" based on common work challenges. Visitors could quite literally break the glass ceiling. The activation gained over 200 million PR impressions, was called the “dark horse of SXSW” by Adweek, and named one of the 5 best activations by Entrepreneur.


Brew the Love

Over the last 3 years, Havas has helped turn Keurig into a household name. With the help of James Corden, we proved to real latte and cappuccino lovers that the Keurig K-Café Brewer is so simple, it can turn any house into a coffeehouse.

Rite Aid

Perfect Fusion

Working in collaboration with Rite Aid, we’re transforming a 60-year-old drugstore chain into a modern destination that combines traditional and alternative medicines to help people thrive.



America is facing a water crisis. But 75% of dishwasher users still pre-rinse their dishes, which wastes 20 gallons of water every load. With Finish Quantum, you don’t have to pre-rinse. So Finish teamed up with National Geographic and The Nature Conservancy to get the word out and ask America to Skip the Rinse to save water.

Wells Fargo

Real Life Ready

Ever get locked out of your house? Or have to replace items your new puppy chewed up? Real life doesn’t always go as planned. So for our launch campaign of the new Wells Fargo Active Cash Card we embraced this truth and tapped into the real life of Oscar-winning actress Regina King for a little inspiration.

BNY Mellon

Do Well Better

To challenge conventional perceptions of wealth, BNY Mellon Wealth Management tapped world renowned photographer Nadav Kander to capture intimate portraits of three clients who are using their resources to make a positive impact. Dr. Lyndon Haviland, Jamshed Mulla, and Heidi & Erik Murkoff visited Nadav’s studio and spoke to the photographer about their pursuits and philanthropic endeavors—and how BNY Mellon  is  helping them “Do Well Better.” At the end of the session, a film and fine art photograph that captures the true essence of each BNY Mellon Wealth Management client, and the causes closest to their heart, were revealed.

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